Why we’re No1

Sorry to all the other hotdogs out there (they’re just playing ketchup), but it’s official – we’re the nation’s top dog. Here’s a few good reasons why…

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The nation’s favourite for taste

All the way from Durness to Dorchester, Ye Olde Oak is the UK’s top choice hot dog for deliciousness. Across the land, wherever you see our hot dogs you know it’s good food that always delivers the taste you know and love.

Favourites since 1949

Every bite a classic

We’re no johnny-come-lately’s to the art of making truly great hot dogs. In fact we’ve been a national mealtime favourite since 1949. That makes us the original, the authentic, the undisputed ‘boss of buns’.

Olde dog new tricks

If you can’t improve on a classic, give it a new twist instead. So now you can enjoy Ye Olde Oak in a range of new exciting and delicious flavours.

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