COVID-19 Announcement

Informing you about the measures we have taken

The threat of the COVID-19 is forcing far-reaching measures in order to limit as much as possible the health risks to our employees and (potential) visitors. We are monitoring information from the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and other authorities on a daily basis and are making adjustments to internal guidelines where necessary.

This letter is to inform you about the measures we have taken:

  • Each employee is carefully monitoring his/her own health and will not come to work at the company site should symptoms (mild health complaints) give cause not to do so (sneezing, sore
  • Throat, runny nose, light coughing and/or increase in body temperature to 38 degrees)
  • All managers have been asked to be even more alert and engaged with their employees’ well-being, in order to recognise indications in good time and, if necessary, to send the employee home, perhaps even against their will
  • The hygiene standards at our production locations are always very high, nevertheless, in order to prevent the spread of this virus, the frequency of disinfection at critical locations has been increased
  • The work floor at the companies is organised in such a way that colleagues can work with sufficient distance from each other
    visiting our production sites must directly contribute to the maintenance of the production process, other visits are prohibited
  • Where possible, people will work from home and/or we will be seeking to stagger employee deployment

Maintaining cohesion within the chain forces alert observation. To this end, a targeted exchange of information is taking place at all strategic and operational levels within the company on a daily basis. In this manner, we are keeping a good overview of the availability of personnel and raw and auxiliary material flows.

We hope that we will be able to continue to produce our wide variety of products without compromising the health of our employees and the food safety of our production. In this way, we are trying to guarantee the continuity of the food supply.

We realise that at present we are demanding the utmost of all our colleagues. We have tremendous respect and appreciation for their efforts and dedication. It is precisely in times like these that cooperation is essential, because we are only strong together!